Life After Beer…..


So two years ago I decided to stop drinking, and using all drugs for that matter, and its been the best thing ever, but it came with a funny catch. I realized that so much of my life was surrounded around, or included alcohol that I wasn’t quite sure what to do. So I kind of started to fly by the seat of my pants a little.

This isn’t necessarily that bad of an idea either, considering that my brain had a lot of catching up to do. Using drugs keeps you in a little bit of a fog. Its like trying to remember something really important, but you have a pie in the oven that needs to be taken out, a screaming baby that wont stop pulling on your pant leg, and the delivery guy just showed up at your door with a pizza that you didn’t even order. Making mistakes are almost allowed and even encouraged during recovery.

Too Much Too Soon

Well during my first year of recovery, I got married, started a brand new job, started going back to school, and started getting very involved in my church programs. Now most people that are in the recovery world would say, “recipe for disaster”, but somehow it all kind of worked out. When I say it worked out, I mean nothing exploded. Here is the deal… Since I did most of those things during the first year fog, I am kind of catching up to what I should have been caught up on when I made the decision to get involved in all the things I have done. No worries though, I have plenty of time to take care of the catching up. It’s rewarding and it gives me a chance to lend a little helping hand to those that might be going through the same thing.

I Think I Can Help 

Writing this blog is a great opportunity for me to share my failures and my success with those that are going down the road of recovery. What’s the point of going through all these challenges and learning such valuable lessons, but not passing them on to the world? There are millions of people out there trying to put life back together after a run in with addiction. That is not easy. Here you can find a friend. Some one who knows what you might be going through. Someone you can grow with and laugh with. Someone you can even cry with.

Little Nugget

Integrity is everything. As an addict I have had experienced a lot of difficulty with staying honest. We live in a world where putting your best foot forward all the time is kind of a hidden rule. No one ever wants you to see the ugly things in their personality, they always want you to see the good. The only issue with that is that it isn’t reality. If you want to speed up recovery, and make life a whole lot easier, just tell the truth. Even when you know it may hurt a little, the truth is always better than a lie. Eventually people always find out that you are lying, and if they don’t, living in a lie is just the worse thing ever. This includes:

  • Talking behind peoples backs
  • Acting happy, when you know things straight suck
  • Laughing at stuff that isn’t funny
  • Pretending that you like someone (work out your issues, or agree to have some boundaries and be civil)
  • Stealing, Cheating, and just being sneaky and weird.