Survey Monkey Says…


I just finished filling out a survey for my church and I felt like it is only necessary to follow it up with a little rundown. Since my mind hasn’t been so focused on alcohol, I get to obsess over a whole world of topics that might drive people crazy. Just kidding, I have always been this way.

Recently, our church has been having a difficult time finding volunteers to serve in Kids Kingdom. Kids Kingdom is a childcare service that is provided by members who volunteer during Sunday worship services. It allows parents to drop off their children while they worship with the rest of the congregation, kid free, which is a huge blessing. It’s difficult for parents and attendees when a child get restless in the worship service. Most of us know the crying baby during a sermon story.

Well, the survey didn’t start off like much of a survey, which is fine. I totally understand trying to get a pulse on the congregation. The survey asked which Kids Kingdom rotation would you like to volunteer for. Seemed like a little trick, but no biggie.  As I continued further, there were some really good questions to follow that asked for opinions about the worship service, the leadership, Kids Kingdom (the text window was broken, so you couldn’t really comment), and other topics like discipleship. These are all topics that I consider to be the arteries of our church congregation.


Now most of you who might read this blog might be apart of my church or attend a church of your own, so you will probably know what I am talking about, but I haven’t really said what I am talking about yet. If you do know what I am talking about, please understand that these are my opinions and ideas, but I think l  should share them with my family, not just on a survey. Sharing ideas person by person is difficult and honestly kind of tiring. Thank God for social media. Plus, there is a chance that some of you might have been thinking the same things, or not, and you want to tell me that I’m out there, which is fine. I would do that if I read some crazy stuff on someones blog. (That has totally happened before, so no biggie, we can talk it out.)


How many times has your minister asked or pleaded with you to volunteer at your church? I swear I have heard mine probably once every few months or so begging the fellowship to volunteer, but for some reason it has gotten to the point that we have to come up with clever way to trick people into serving (not really trick people, but you get my drift). So, that brings me here, in which I have to pose this view of the situation.

Our congregation has grown to the point that we need a hefty amount of volunteers to take care of the kids, beyond what a small planting would need to cover the deficit. Well,  why don’t we hire Childcare workers within the church? We could pay the campus students a small flat rate for watching the kids and the campus could make a little extra cash to tithe on a Sunday morning or buy lunch after service (the latter being more likely). We could raise that money through passing the plate, which in Seattle we are quite efficient at, as opposed to volunteering for Child Care.

But my hunch is that this problem has its roots something a little different, but very encouraging.


There is no question that our church is getting bigger. In the mean time a few generations have passed since the glory days, when we didn’t have an issue getting people to volunteer for things like Kids Kingdom. I have a feeling that the “church planting” days are kind of over. We might be slipping into a new era church that comes from being slightly more established.

Here is what I mean. Back in the day, when it was just a few, the need was very obvious. So, if no one volunteered, we felt it. Today, it easier to get by without volunteering, but that only works for a little while, considering we only have about 300+ people joining us every Sunday, so inevitably the same people end up volunteering for that position. Sometimes it’s the parents.

This not only happens with stuff like Kids Kingdom, but it happens with church teachings and practices. The question we might really want to be answering is, “How do we go from playing small church to playing big church?”

Could dishing out a few bucks every Sunday help us focus on some bigger issues, other than filling spots in Kids Kingdom? Could hiring 10-15 young interns and cutting some other big budget holders get more people through our church doors every Sunday? Could hiring a full time worship minister really take us to the next level in our Services?

There are so many ideas out there about how to take our church to the next level, but I think we have to start thinking like a big church before we can be one. I’m totally on that train.


Our movement is made up of about 100,000 members. There are millions of other Christian churches out there in the world. We aren’t the only church with problems like these. We can learn a lot by looking at these other churches and studying what works and what doesn’t work. Isn’t that what we do anyways. It’s all trial and error. How do you think we got here? My point is, we shouldn’t be afraid of looking at practices from the churches like the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). Their outreach is one of the most effective, balanced, non-violent methods of evangelism out there. Did you know that Mormon interns raise their own money to go on a mission. Its around $10,000!

Our movement is young and really still in its infancy. We still have a lot of room to grow. Is it a bad idea to think of practices that are outside of our normal boundaries of operation? It could be the very thing that helps us reach more souls than we ever dreamed of.

Lets take some risk, like the old days. Shake things up! Flip the script.Sell everything and go for broke.

Unfortunately for average guys like me, I would have to see it to believe it.

I’m too comfortable to do anything risky like that anymore. Maybe if someone else had the guts, I might just follow him out there……