20 Days to Go!!!

I am so excited and exhausted at the same time. I can’t even begin to describe what I have been through over the past few weeks. Between having to move, working two jobs, and starting so many new endeavours, I am truly living out the saying; “One day at a time!” It is very exciting to see what God has been doing in my life. I’m glad you are taking the time to read this post. Let me introduce to you a few people who you might running into on Saturday, Sept 16th. These are our #sobercityshowcaseVIP’s 

Danny Figgins 


Danny is an incredible pianist and singer/songwriter. He started his career in the Acapella group, Kickshaw, performing with some talented guys, including American Idol contestant, Blake Lewis. I have played with Danny many times and every time is a treat. Today Danny has been regularly leading worship at the Seattle Church of Christ. He is currently pursuing a teaching career in his hometown Bainbridge Island, where he lives with his wife and two children, Lyric and Lincoln. Danny recently sold his home in West Seattle to move to Bainbridge. I called him on the phone begging and switching dates just so I could get him on stage for the showcase. I am so grateful for his help. He is definitely going to get the night started off right with some funky jams, slick grooves, and slamming vocals! He will be joined by Joey Lyon, Dan White, and myself.

Jeff Kashiwa



Jeff is one of the greats! He is a successful recording artist from LA, and has traveled all over the world sharing his gift of music with so many. He has played with the greats and little guys just like me, showing only love for those who share the same passion for music as he does. When he isn’t touring the world, he is teaching as a professor at Shoreline Community College. I first took his Funk and Groove class 2 year ago. Not soon after our first class I asked him to be my mentor. It is an honor to be playing side by side with a man of his caliber. Jeff is definitely going to set the bar. We only hope to bring the heat after this guy ignites the stage. Everyone is in for a serious treat when the horn hits the mic! You would be crazy not to check out his brand new album, Fly Away, in stores everywhere. You will most definitely be a fan at the end of the night! Fly Away by Jeff Kashiwa

Pierre Newsome 



Pierre is a jack of all trades. From the very beginning of this idea, Pierre has been nothing short of a corner-stone. I sat with him months ago in a coffee shop talking about how I wanted to have this amazing show and his face turned to business and we got right down to it. This would not have had nearly the same impact if it wasn’t for his vision and constant support. I am completely blessed to have a guy like this on my team. A family man, a God-fearing man, and a business savvy soldier, Pierre is a ride or die kind of guy.

Miki Cole


From the day that we first met at Shoreline Community College, we have continued to stay friends and make the most of our time together. Miki has always made it a point to give the affirming words that are so needed when it comes to building a dream. I have always been so intrigued how Miki is able to juggle 100 things at one time, but when I found out we shared a similar gift, it all made so much sense. She has helped me film, promote, discuss, and see so many projects all the way to completion. She has been at every show, and has never stopped making a huge deal of the little things that I feel that no one notices. Thanks, Miki, for your friendship and your constant support.

Adrian Butler 



Adrian and I have quickly become friends and it isn’t hard to see why. His passion for music is infectious. If you can’t tell from the picture here, we are completely decked out for the show as far as sound is concerned. When he isn’t tearing apart diesel motors during his day job, he is running around all over the state of Washington making your concerts sound like Coachella. This guy can do it all. Coming from the world of recovery, you are going to experience exactly why this guy is making his way around the live music world. Not only will you see him Sept 16th, you’re gonna feel him in your soul!

Lyn Lauzon, Wendy Grove, and  Sarah Brooks 

I’m sure you have heard of Charlie’s Angels, right!? Well, meet Recovery’s Angels! These beautiful women are some of the pillars of our recovery community in the city of Seattle.

Lyn, an essential link in my recovery chain, has been helping me grow in my recovery from the very moment I stepped into the recovery world. She currently works as a Drug and Alcohol High School counselor. She has organized many recovery events and has been serving the Recovery community for many years. Over the past seven years we have known each other, we have become family. I can confidently say that I am sober today because of the guidance that she has shown in her own example and personally given to me during our friendship. Thanks for all of you love and service.

Wendy is the Founder and Executive Director at the Everett Recovery Cafe. Sarah Brooks is our Key Note speaker as well as the Cafe Manager at the Everett Recovery Cafe. I am thrilled that we are working together to make a brighter future for the recovery community. The Rare Call will not only be giving 20% of all donations to the Everett Recovery Cafe, we will continue to give 5% of all income from the bands quarterly earnings to the Everett Recovery Cafe.

Madeleine Bridge



My beautiful, talented, amazing, and selfless wife. By day she works as an office assistant for the Hallowell Todaro Center and her second job is working as a teen minister for our church. I simply cannot expect to write something that could even come close to an explanation of what you have done to help me thus far. It is not something to be described in words, but in spirit, love, and loyalty. Wether she is taking some band photos, listening to my new music, helping me load my gear into my car, or simply convincing me on late nights that God and people care about what I am doing, she is the glue. I couldn’t do any of this without you. I love you with all of my heart.


Seattle Church of Christ 


To my Church Family: God bless all of you! From the day I walked into our iconic church building, I knew this is where God wanted me. I have laughed, cried, and celebrated so many of life’s precious moments with a family that raised me to become the man who I am today. It was in these walls that God showed me the path to recovery and restoration to Jesus Christ. With the help of Paul Martin, Jay Kelly, and so many others, Jesus was able to take a broken boy and shape him into a man of faith and sobriety. I am so grateful that I have an amazing extended family to call my own! Lets show the Recovery Community that we have as much love for them as you have had for me when I was at my wit’s end. See you on September 16th!