The Sober City Fund

We are going live in 2 days!

Its almost that time. The Sober City Fund is just two days away form its debut. I am so excited, yet I am so nervous. This will be one of the biggest moments of my life. Besides getting married and accepting Christ, I find this to be my largest leap of faith yet. Even after all the planning and insane hours of work applied to this event, its obvious that there is still a lot of suffering and patience to be exercised.

The Music

The Rare Call has been practicing for months on this show. We have met up probably every Monday since school let out in June. That’s not including all the practices we have had up until that point. We have rehearsed all the songs hundreds of times over. We have written charts, practiced to MP3’s, and even had separate practices for certain aspects of the band, and I still feel like we aren’t ready. I know I can be a little obsessive, but it feels so real. Our band has gone through so many changes as well as ups and downs over the past three months and the pressure of the show is beginning to mount. I try and try to make sure that everyone is having fun during practice, but everyone can feel just how much this show really means. Its like a temperature change in the room. You just have to find a way to deal with it. At the end of the day, I am so impressed that we haven’t just quit or given up. Seriously. I don’t even know how to explain it, but I am trying my best.

The Purpose

The rubber meets the road here: Why are we even having this show? Getting people to believe in your cause is not easy. I can only pray that people see the vision we do, and  inevitably, have the desire to help us get there.

The Rare Call wants to be able to support our community through our music, but we need your help. It is very expensive to get a band off the ground. I personally have been at it for years, and I just cant do it alone.

The Sober City Fund allows The Rare Call to get the start up money it needs to get the band up and running. From there we can start to contribute 5% of our quarterly earnings to the Recovery Cafe. As planned we will be going on tour early next year to make our first donation to the Recovery Cafe after the showcase. Part of our faithful commitment to the Recovery Cafe is to give them 20% of what we earn over the next 90 days and 80% gives our band the startup money we need to take our business to the next level. This ultimately allows us to keep sending the Recovery Cafe money every year, much more than just 90 days of donations, but a lifetime of support through our contributions.

The Goal

$20,000 dollars is our goal. I know we can do it. It definitely seems like a lot of money, but I have no doubt that if the Lord is behind us, anything is possible. We could raise even more. I was afraid at first to say my goal amount out loud. I have even been laughed at a few times when I have mentioned it. I even laughed at myself and tried to talk myself down, but God has been working on my spirit. He has reassured me that I am not alone and He and I can do amazing things if I put my trust in Him. His many wonders have compelled me to reach for the stars and that is just what I will do. If He can part the Red Sea, nothing is out of His reach. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I will see you on Saturday!

Jared Bridge