60 Days Past: A Glance at a Miracle

The Beginning of Something Great 


I never knew how difficult it was going to be trying to raise $20,000! I was so excited  to be reaching for such a high goal, but since the days have been going by I’ve realized that just posting an article or my gofundme address on FB isn’t going to get us the help we need. I needed to make sure that people were hearing the story, and not just through some video, but personally. So, recently I have been doing my best to connect with people letting them know exactly what the fundraiser is all about. To my amazement, God has been answering so many of my prayers.


I had to really trust in God to reach out to the people around me and tell them my story and let them know how my life was saved through recovery. The journey through recovery gave me the gift of a new life,  and my response is to go out and show others just how their lives can be changed through recovery from Drugs and Alcohol. Using the gift of music, I am devoted to spreading that message as far as I can. The Recovery Cafe Everett is teaming up with us to help get our band on the road! 20% of the money that we raise will be supporting the Recovery Cafe Everett directly while 80% of the money will be going to fund our band. That money will give us the capitol we need to become self supporting. With our first years earnings we will be giving 5% of every dollar we make to the Recovery Cafè Everett.

_DSC0084The Sober City Showcase was an incredible success. It was the biggest and most difficult production I have ever taken on. With over 20 volunteers/performers, we raised over $800.00 in cash donations on our first day and had almost no problems making the show go off without a hitch. Thank you to all the people who were able to come and show their support! Wendy, Sara and I were overwhelmed by all the people who were able to serve, we know it takes a huge amount of faith to take on an endeavor like this. After such an incredible event, we all have decided that this has to be a continuing tradition.


Sara (Left) and Wendy (Right) have been hard at work in Everett meeting the needs of the community and helping our neighbors recover from the effects of Drugs and Alcohol. Currently our nation is experiencing an opioid epidemic. These two angels are on the front lines doing everything in their power in our corner of the country to help those that are suffering. I just received and email from them letting us know that their fall has been busy but productive. Lets keep them in our prayers!

_DSC0235We will be having a final show on December 16th to close out our fundraiser. Please keep us in your prayers. Everyday we are pressing forward with faith that God will lead us towards our Goal. If you have the ability to helps us with a donation please go to our Fundraising page @ http://www.gofundme.com/sobercityfund

Any size donation is accepted. If you don’t have the means to help financially, we are asking for prayers. I know that even more that financial assistance, the power of prayer is more effective than anything we can do on this Earth.

A mighty thank you to all who have helped us thus far! I am eternally grateful for your love!

Photo Credits:

Madeleine Bridge & Miki Cole