WE HAVE MET OUR GOAL! Here is what’s next for XnarcotiX

It has been a very long road for XnarcotiX (The Rare Call). From the very start I wasn’t sure that anything was going to pan out the way we expected it, and it did not. Although, thanks to God and a lot of support from our friends and family, our dreams were not shattered, they came to life.

We had a few set backs

We started out with a $20,000 dollar goal when the Sober City Fund first was visualized. I was sure that we would have money pouring in the doors. I mean, who wouldn’t want to give to such an amazing cause like recovery from Drugs and Alcohol? Well, I learned pretty quick that it wasn’t just the cause that had to be great, but the purpose, mission, and finish line needed to have power as well. So, I jumped on the phone and started talking to my friends and family all about what kind of future I saw for the recovery community in Seattle and the vision I had for promoting recovery through our music.

Once the ball started rolling, I started to really see some progress with the donations. Some folks donated hundreds of dollars, and some donated less, but one thing is for sure: using an online platform like Gofundme turns out to be really expensive in the end. I had  to end up splitting the percentage that they took with the recovery cafe. They say in the the contract that they only take 5% when in actuality its around 7-9%. Im not exactly sure why they do that, but it is incredibly frustrating. In the future I will not be using a service like that for donations.

The Cafe keeps getting help

One things to keep in mind is this: We are not going to stop donating to the café. The whole reason were doing this is to make a way for us to keep giving them money and keep helping our city build resources to help recovering addicts make some real progress and not only addicts, but the homeless, parentless, and those suffering from mental disabilities as well. The Recovery Café Everett isn’t just helping addicts, they are helping everyone and we want to be involved. We will be playing shows over there, making friends, and growing in our own recovery as well.

Here is what is happening next

Our next step is to get the band ready for the Summer. We really want to get out on tour and spread the word about what were are doing here in Seattle and we want people to hear our story about how we have recovered from Drugs and Alcohol. We have been in the studio working really hard on our new full length album witch we will be releasing in the Spring. It will be a total of 22 songs. Half of the album will be songs produced by Jared Bridge and the other half of the album will be songs produced by Callum Crist. This is really exciting for XnarcotiX because Callum and I have similar styles and taste, but at the same time we are completely different as well. A lot of Callum’s influences are hip hop inspired or EDM inspired while a lot of my taste are R&B inspired and Rock inspired, so its fun having both of those sound come together in one body of works. We don’t have a title for the album yet, but we are going to host a live sessions where we get ideas from our fans on FB and Instagram. I am really looking forward to that!

We have a single coming out later this month called “Like a Lion”. It was the theme song for the Sober City Showcase and I am really excited for you all the see the new music video. My good friends Audrey (Editor and Director) and her sister Samantha (Actress) worked really hard on this new music video and it is amazing. She has spent countless hours on multiple projects of mine and she is very talented. XnarcotiX is also rebranding itself. As many of you know we used to be called The Rare Call, but we decided to take a look at our calling and our vision and see if their was another name that we could grow with over time, and after a lot of thought and brainstorming, we decided on XnarcotiX (pronounced Ex Narcotics).

We have been discussing some new ideas with Seattle Artist, Conner Fawcett about our ideas and visions for the new logo/branding and we are pumped to show you what we have come up with! We know you’re going to love it. Once were done, we will be updating our blog with T-Shirts, Stickers, and more merchandise fans can geek out on! We will also be updating the blog to something a little more, ON POINT!

Also, we want to say a big thanks to Rich Bartoli for interviewing us for the ICOC Podcast. It was a really special time for us to connect and tell our church family all about what we have been doing and share a lot of personal stories about how we ended up here, trying to help the world recover from Drugs and Alcohol. I am going to post the link to that interview right here ——–>

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