Spotlight: Audrey Victor Director, Writer, & Producer

First Impressions

She is going to make it happen! 

Audrey and I met through a mutual friend who was producing my first music video Gravity. I was releasing my first single while attending Shoreline Community College and I really wanted to make a video that used just talent at our school. The producer told me that I would be meeting up with a friend of his that he knew from class. It wasn’t but a few weeks later during a planning meeting that I met Audrey Victor, and that meeting would lead to many more projects other than Gravity.

Solving  Problems is one of her biggest strengths


On our first day of shooting we found out that our original camera man wasn’t going to be able to come and shoot the video anymore. I was definitely feeling a lot of emotion to say the least. I had already spent money, hired actors, and scheduled days for filming. Basically, this was about to ruin all of our plans. Not for Audrey, she stepped right in and got behind that camera and made it happen. At that moment I knew I was working with the right person.
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Audrey is an innovator and not afraid to try new things

This isn’t the first time something has been thrown right in Audreys lap at the last minute. The following year I had this crazy idea to lock myself in my church with a few spotlights and do a cover of Lenny Kravitz, “Fly Away”. I did all of the filming and lighting myself and sent it to Audrey and said, “What do you think you can do with this?”

In a few days she got back to me with a full blown music video! Professionally edited and carefully crafted and synched down to every shot and transition. She even built her own special effects. It takes a lot of talent and passion to pull off what she did. I have always been impressed with her work!
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She is a professional

Just a few achievements thus far…


Audrey Victor is a writer and filmmaker from from Everett, Washington. She holds an A.A. in Creative Writing from Shoreline Community College and is currently a Creative Writing major at the University of Washington.  Even as a busy student, she tries to do as much film work as her schedule will allow. She has been honored to be a contributor on films that have been submitted to or shown at the Seattle 48 Hour Film Festival, the L.A. Noir Novel Film and Script Festival, Seattle Latino Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festival, Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival, L.A. Music Video Film Festival, Cinema on the Bayou, and Portland Film Festival.

When not filmmaking, Audrey is working on her own independent film projects, and is co-writing a fantasy novel, as well as contributing on a literary journal at UW.  Audrey comes from a creative family. Her brother is Seattle area guitarist, Lucas Victor. Her sister, Samantha Victor, is a classical singer, theatre actor, and writer.

You can view Audrey’s project portfolio at, and on YouTube at Mutant Cube Studios.

Audrey’s benevolence and humility make her one of a kind

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Hopefully this inspires you to check out our “Like a Lion” music video. It was filmed at locations throughout Puget Sound, and contains Audrey’s own animations and special effects. The greatest part about this whole video is that Audrey did Directed, Filmed, and Edited this entire video on her spare time to help contribute to the X~Vision~X. She has believed in me as an artist since day one of Gravity and has continued to show her support in numerous ways! I am truly grateful for a friend like you, Audrey.