XnarcotiX is a Seattle based organization made up of all sober and recovered members. Jared Bridge (Guitar and Vocals), Callum Crist (Keys, Ukulele, and Vocals), Jeff Couch (Bass Guitar, Synth Bass and Vocals) and Adrian Butler (Sound and Logistics). XnX was formed in September 2017 during the Sober City Showcase.

Callum Crist and Jared Bridge are brothers, originally from the east coast, who grew up playing music together. They love playing sports, especially basketball and frisbee. Callum just had his first Sober birthday in July. He moved to Seattle just over three years ago and has been working closely with Jared in many musical endeavors.

Jared will be going on his 6th year sober in September. Jared and his wife Madeleine are devoted members to their community church in North Seattle. Madeleine is currently a student attending UW Bothell and hopes to continue in her career path in Social Work. Madeleine is also a musician and lead worship with Jared on occasion. Madeleine loves to take pictures and help manage the internal affairs of XnarcotiX.

Jeff and Jared attended Shoreline Community College together where they spent time working on a few tracks together in the studio and started building a friendship. Adrian and Jared also became friends through music as well. Jeff is currently attending Shoreline Community College where he is receiving a Degree in Audio Engineering and Adrian is an accomplished mechanic while running his own sound business as well.

Together the four are spreading the message of recovery through their music and community outreach. As part of their plan, 5% of all their income goes directly to support the local recovery effort in the greater Seattle area. Every year our donations go to support the Recovery Cafè Everett. We pray that we can continually support the community and give our time and effort that those who are in the grips of addiction can find hope and support in their darkest hours.

The road to recovery is not short and it is not long. It has no detours and if we do not push forward, we stumble backwards. Unfortunately, it is uphill, but we grow stronger as we ascend. Furthermore, the road to recovery has an undetermined length, there is no finish line.