We are going live in 2 days! Its almost that time. The Sober City Fund is just two days away form its debut. I am so excited, yet I am so nervous. This will be one of the biggest moments of my life. Besides getting married and accepting Christ, I find this to be my [...]

I am so excited and exhausted at the same time. I can't even begin to describe what I have been through over the past few weeks. Between having to move, working two jobs, and starting so many new endeavours, I am truly living out the saying; "One day at a time!" It is very exciting [...]

What an amazing time its been trying to organize this show. From the beginning I thought this was going to be an easy process, but it has turned out to be one of the most difficult events I have ever organized. From cancelled venues, to city permits, to date changing every week, we finally are [...]

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND FILL OUT THIS SURVEY I just finished filling out a survey for my church and I felt like it is only necessary to follow it up with a little rundown. Since my mind hasn't been so focused on alcohol, I get to obsess over a whole world of topics that [...]